The session of a web app is one of the most critical security concerns for a developer to guard against intruders. Unauthenticated access can lead to N number of threats. Furthermore, considering a scenario of polling data from the backend in an idle scenario would unnecessarily keep the server busy. Thus, a smartly planned “Idle Time-Out” can offer reliable confidence to the developer as well as the end-user.

In this article, we will take React as the base framework to implement the same. …

With a plethora of deployment options, it is always hard for every web developer to choose the best environment to host the application on the server. Moreover, this decision is a core parameter for the performance of the code which took hours of dedication. Well, to address such concerns, an admired solution is to use a Cloud-Based approach.

Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have already launched their products in the market, which facilitate developers and organizations to use a Cloud environment with the use of Services. In this solution, we will focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deploy…

Many of the web developers face challenges when a customer is more concerned about the security of the application. One such task is to handle session data without session storage. There are many ways to manage this feature in a Web Application. But let us discuss one of the ways which also suits best for a Single Page Application framework like Angular.

Following are the key modules we are going to use to accomplish this task :
1) Services — To maintain the session
2) Model/Pojo class — To store the session variables

The Mantra

As mentioned, the solution we are going…

Baljinder Singh

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